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Compass Health Resources seeks to improve healthcare and our clients' lives in three ways:

Advocacy Through Collaboration

We help you uncover and navigate the healthcare resources for your optimal care. As we work alongside you and the care providers you have established, we will seek out quality options for physical and emotional support while you move through the healthcare system. 

Comprehensive Care

The evolution of the U.S. healthcare system has limited many providers' time to explore medical issues outside their specialty. At CHR, we seek to understand clients as a comprehensive whole in order to help set goals for their care. People are more than checklists and protocols. Healthcare is very personal, and the details are important. We want to know what our clients prioritize; what life was like before, during, and after illness; what works and what doesn't; what do you consider a success.


With 15 years of clinical experience ranging from inpatient critical care to outpatient goals of care, Compass Health Resources is committed to continually growing in our knowledge of the healthcare world. If we don't already know the answers to your questions, we will help you find them. 

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